What is the Best Food For My Dog

To the question what is the best food for my dog do you really want to no the answer well first let start off by saying this dog deserves good healthy food. Good and healthy food is getting harder and harder to find these days, but that does not give you the excuse to feed your dog the poison that you’re feeding it. When I say poison I am referring to commercial dog food. Commercially available dog food is probably the most disgusting food on the planet. You probably think the bag of dog food from the store is healthy, but the reality is it is the total opposite.

What is the best food for my dog, well I am going to give you a warning if you have a soft stomach do not read this. But if you love your dog enough then this information is absolutely necessary to you. Currently 80 percent of many dog foods including the most recognizable brand name companies contain some of the nastiest and most poisonous ingredients. Do you know that commercial dog food contains carcasses of other dead dogs. Look people they use dogs as an ingredient. Dog food also contains 5 deadly chemicals that cause blindness, major organ failure, kidney cancer, stomach cancer, severe allergic collapse, chronic diarrhea, and hair loss. Every single day 10 dogs dies from commercial dog food and this is just the ones reported.

There are huge problem with commercial dog food products. They are not the best dog food options period Just think about it every time you feed your dog this type of food you are putting your dog one step closer to the grave yard. So to the question what is the best food for my dog, you can proudly answer the question and say not store bought food.